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Experts in Skin Regeneration Therapies

Dermica Laboratoires is a Spanish company with over 20 years’ experience in the medical aesthetics field and are experts in skin regenerative therapies which provide effective, reliable, and safe results.

Dermica are obsessive about seeking the perfect combination between application systems and active ingredients. To this end, they have a team of collaborators made up of doctors and plastic surgeons who provide the technological know-how for the research and development of effective and safe treatments.

Dermica Laboratoires synergise the most reliable, innovative equipment and biologically active ingredients from the pharmaceutical industry and apply it to the aesthetics medical field, so that you can be assured of skin care systems that deliver.

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Explore Dermica’s range of professional mesotherapy and cosmeceutical products

Explore Dermica’s range of medical devices.

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Explore Dermica’s range of medical devices.

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