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The presence of mini threads in the skin accelerates microcirculation, producing cell regeneration and stimulating collagen synthesis. They activate circulation, causing greater oxygenation that provides more luminosity, resulting in a rejuvenated, more vital and smoother skin.

MonoFilament Threads

Monofilament threads are indicated for their regenerative function in all skin types.

They produce an increase in collagen synthesis in the deep layers of the skin, as well as activating blood and lymphatic circulation.

The result is a brighter, smoother and more redensified skin.

Their application is recommended prior to using lifting or tension threads.

Screw and PolyFilament Threads

Recommended for their greater regenerative effect.

Their spiral design makes them more flexible and elastic, therefore ideal for mobile areas.

Especially indicated for filling wrinkles and creases. Placed correctly, they can generate tension and fix sagging tissue 

Barbed Threads for Mechanical Traction

Pull Cog threads deliver a powerful tensing effect. Their different thread thicknesses in blunt-tip needles or cannula favour adaptation to the characteristics and needs of each patient’s skin.

Molding Cogs are Bidirectional barbed thread formed from a mold to create more powerful traction. The spicule is outside the thread, so it offers greater durability and much more resistance power compared to the supported weight. A spicule design whose purpose is to maximize the clamping force in the different areas of application with the minimum discomfort for the patient.

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