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The GoldPen is the safest, most hygienic and most efficient transdermal delivery system and is fast becoming the ‘Gold Standard’ in microneedling. Its unique microneedle system quickly and safely opens thousands of microchannels in the skin, naturally increasing collagen and elastin production.

Tissue Self-Regeneration

Microneedling causes thousands of microinjuries that trigger an absolutely natural self-regenerating action. The result is greater collagen and elastin production, activation of microcirculation and oxygenation of the area.

Increased active ingredient efficiency

The thousands of microchannels opened by microneedles help to deliver the active ingredients being applied more efficiently. They are distributed more homogeneously than when injected, and their presence in the skin is shown to last longer, increasing their efficiency.


11 microneedles, working at 120 cycles per second involve the flaking of cells from the skin’s stratum corneum, the outermost layer being renewed and thus leading to new brighter and smoother skin.

Electronic Plasma Generator for Dermoesthetics

A safe and effective tissue repair treatment to rejuvenate the skin and rid it of small lumps or excrescences, improves and corrects wrinkles as well as other irregularities, as well as photoaged, sun-damaged skin. Dermaplax mini is a highly versatile device with multiple indications.

Dermaplax is intended for the non-ablative plasma treatment of the skin, improving various irregularities in a quickly and effectively way, avoiding the appearance of marks or scars as well as pigmentation changes, with a minimal discomfort for the patient.

Its closed-circuit system ensures a constant emission intensity throughout the procedure.

More Portable, More Versatile

The new mini Dermaplax model offers better portability and versatility thanks to its small size (fits comfortably in the palm of your hand), as it works with a removable rechargeable battery.  

The Dermaplax mini includes 2 USB-rechargable batteries.

The plasmatic arc generated by the high voltage energy acts only on the epidermis in a selective way, without causing damage in deeper layers of the skin. The small size of the conical applicator allows for more comfortable handling, fast and accurate, which facilitates the procedure in small or difficult to access areas.

Pasny Needle

Painstakingly manufactured by Dermica Laboratoires with the utmost attention to detail and based on the very latest technology has resulted in this ultra-fine, thinner walled single-tip needle.

Manufactured with painstaking sharpening of the tip and a special polishing system, they offer virtually no frictional resistance.

Pasny needles have ultra-thin walls, facilitating the injection of highly viscous products, thereby allowing the use of smaller gauge needles.

Ultra-thin needles minimise discomfort and pain during insertion which offers significant benefits to both doctor and patient.

Available in 31G (4mm, 8mm, 12mm) as well as 34G (4mm, 8mm)

Paskin Needle

The PASKIN NEEDLE consists of ultra-fine needles with thinner walls in a triple-tip arrangement. There are two calibres available: 31g and 34g.  It comes in a variety of lengths: 1.5 mm / 2.5mm / 3.5 mm.

The following advantages are offered by a triple-tip needle:

More effective – The result is improved dispersion of the active ingredients, allowing a larger area to be covered using the same quantity.

Easy application of highly viscous ingredients – Delivery of active ingredients via 3 outlets facilitates application of high viscosity products. The pressure required to apply highly viscous products (reticulated hyaluronic acid) is reduced considerably when using Paskin triple-tip needles.

Better dispersion of active ingredients – The needle arrangement with outward-facing bevels facilitates better distribution of the active ingredients, which are dispersed across a uniform radius. With normal single-tip needles, the active ingredients are concentrated in the direction of the bevel.

Precision – The 3 available needle lengths facilitate application of active ingredients at a uniform depth.

Exactness The triple-tip needle’s flat needle-holder guarantees injection at a uniform depth.

Speed – Procedures are easier, more precise and can be completed in less time.

Reduced patient discomfort – Extremely sharp tips and very thin walls facilitate penetration of active ingredients, reducing the sensation of pain by up to 58% compared to normal needles. Active ingredients are dispensed through 3 outlets, which reduces application pressure, minimising patient discomfort.

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