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The Timeless Art of Regaining and Retaining Natural Beauty

At Regensys we live and breathe the phrase “Together we Enhance”.

As the sole importer and distributor of Dermica Laboratoires and KSurgery Laboratories in South Africa, Regensys is able to supply the highest quality European aesthetic products and devices to the discerning doctor and somatologist.

Driven by a specialised understanding of the underlying chemistry and physics underpinning the aesthetics processes, the Regensys team are constantly striving to find innovative, safe, and medically sound beauty enhancement products.

An aesthetic that stands the test of time is about more than just the way one looks; it is an enhancement of both beauty and wellbeing.

Our products

As the sole importer and distributer of Dermica Laboratoires and KSurgery in South Africa, Regensys supplies the highest quality European aesthetic products and medical devices to the discerning doctor and somatologist.

All the products are EU certified and strictly adhere to ISO 13485 standards.


Peels are an ancient beauty remedy, now perfected by science. The best chemical peels brighten, smoothen and even the skin tone and can be used in areas such as the neck, hands and chest.


Through the highly acclaimed KSurgery brand we supply a very broad and unique range of cosmetics for doctors and beauty professionals. KSurgery also has a unique range of home care cosmetics that can be sold to clients from aesthetic practices or clinics.


Mesotherapy is gaining popularity across the world because of its less invasive nature, yet highly effective skin rejuvenating results. Our range of Mesotherapy products have been carefully researched and design by Dermica and cater for a wide range of skin treatments, rejuvenations and after-care. We also supply the Dermica developed GoldPen which provides state of the art micro-needling application.


Medical devices are a critical component of any effective aesthetic treatment and as such we have ensured that only the highest specification devices are sourced by Regensys. Our two suppliers, Dermica Laboratoires and K-Surgery are constantly researching and developing new medical devices that provide the most effective and safe results.


Thread technology is a rapidly evolving field and is becoming ever more popular as a method of uplifting and rejuvenating worn, tired and lifeless skin. Through Dermica, we supply a very broad range of threads that cater for all procedures employed by doctors. The two ranges; Dr K REGEN LIFT and SERIE DA VINCI (ultrasound manufacturing technology) will ensure that all your thread needs will be met with the highest quality products available in the market.


Dermal fillers are injected into the skin at 3 to 6-month intervals in order to plump the skin, with the ultimate aim of erasing wrinkles, lip augmentation, and smoother, youthful looking skin.

Dermica Laboratoires supplies a range of the highest quality FillZon Fillers

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