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Regensys is a distributor of leading European medical cosmetics and devices to the South African market.

Our mission is to provide you with the best products, support and training to enable your business to thrive.

We are the exclusive distributor for Dermica Laboratoires, a leading aesthetics brand from Spain and KSurgery Laboratories, a leading Italian brand under the VidaPharma group.

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Ksurgery is an Italian company based in Tuscany, who define themselves as the place where “cosmetics meets advanced scientific research”. This philosophy has enabled them to produce a wide range of effective and safe medical aesthetics skin care products which encompass, peels, meso-solutions, medical devices and an extensive range of homecare and retail products.

Spanish based Dermica Laboratoires offers a range of skin care systems for aesthetic professionals. Their range includes mesotherapy solutions, fillers, threads, and medical devices guaranteed to provide for safe, results-based outcomes.

Dermica medical devices carry CE certification.

Between these two world class European brands, we are able to supply fillers, threads, meso solutions, medical devices, peels, medical cosmetics and home care to suit all skin concerns or treatment packages.

The efficacy of our product offering is supported by comprehensive training and support, ensuring you achieve the best possible result from each treatment. 




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