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A chemical peel is a very popular option for skin rejuvenation. Application of a chemical exfoliant offers a simple way of removing damaged and scarred cells of the skin which are found in the upper dermal layers, whilst stimulating collagen production.

KSurgery offers a broad range of mono-acid and specialised peels in various concentrations and formulations to cater for all skin types and skin concerns.

Modified Jessner

Ksurgery has renewed the well-known solution by replacing Salicylic Acid with Succinic Acid and Resorcinol with a resorcinol derivative. The result is a chemical peel that suits even the most sensitive skin thanks to its specific formulation.

TC Plus

This innovative formulation of TCA stabilised with Kojic Acid and Mandelic Acid makes for a safe, superficial to medium-depth peel, suitable for all skin types and skin conditions with little to no downtime.

KPeels Medical

The KPeels range of medical peels comprise various pure acids in high concentrations addressing various skin concerns.

Technical Care Range

A professional range of peels offered in various concentrations of pure acids as well as a range of cocktail peels with different formulations.

Ideally suited for all beauty professionals and therapists.

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