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TC Plus

Needle-free revitalization

This innovative formulation of TCA stabilised with Kojic Acid and Mandelic Acid makes for a safe, superficial to medium-depth peel, for all skin types and skin conditions with little to no downtime.

TC Plus Formulation


  • Excellent improvement in tonicity, gloss and smoothness of the skin.
  • Great action on cutaneous dyschromia and on acneic lesions.
  • It is used against superficial keratosis and first signs of aging (fine lines, dullness, photoaging) 


  • High whitening and depigmenting action. 
  • Excellent inhibitor of melanogenesis.
  • It is used in melasma, chloasma, senile lentigo, solar lentigo and dark circles treatments. 


  • Mandelic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that works on superficial wrinkles.
  • Brightening action on dull skin 
  • Acne prevention thanks to its anti-bacterical property 
  • Depigmenting action that works on skin blemishes caused by photoaging. 
  • It can be used to get rid of marks left by pimples and blackheads.

Available in two formulations to suit all skin types

TC Plus Soft – 12% TCA

Superficial chemical peeling that works on the corneal and granular layer of the epidermis to treat milder acneic lesions. The mix of acids has a non-aggressive exfoliating and depigmenting action to treat mild dyschromia. 

The removal of the most damaged external layers of the skin promotes cell renewal while reducing wrinkles, superficial scars and skin spots.

This treatment is recommended for both young and sensitive skins.

TC Plus Strong – 20% TCA

Chemical peel with a high trichloroacetic concentration that acts on the entire thickness of the epidermis in order to treat moderate to severe acneic lesions (papules, pustules, nodules and cysts) and deep scar outcomes. The mix of acids has an intense and depigmenting action to treat more severe dyschromia. It promotes cell renewal while reducing wrinkles, medium-superficial scars and skin spots.

This treatment is ideal for mature skins.

  • Counteracts chrono aging, photo aging, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.
  • Revitalized dermis and epidermis
  • Brightening action
  • Anti-acne solution
  • Suitable for all skin types

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