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Acne presents itself in so many forms.

It often comes dressed in couture, with a diva mentality!

What used to be a teenage problem brought on by adolescence has now become evident in adulthood as well. And the main cause of adult acne is stress. It is mostly accompanied by inflammation and that is the diva side of it. Most of us hope for the first two types of acne if we ever bump into it, no pun intended, and that comprises of whiteheads and black heads. These can easily be treated with a physical exfoliant otherwise known as a scrub, providing desquamation of the dead skin cells sitting on the stratum corneum (top layer) of the skin. No inflammation is usually present.

Now taking it up a notch as we move onto papules and pustules. These can be slightly sensitive to the touch, and that is because of the inflammation they are accompanied by. They are filled with puss due to the infection in the pore caused by the P-Acne bacteria. They are usually very tempting to squeeze, even when one knows they should not be. Squeezing them causes trauma to the surrounding tissue and will leave the skin with dark spots and cause scarring (post acne scarring) which can only be treated after the breakout has cleared, resulting in a much longer route to clear skin. 

 A mere scrub does not usually cut it when it comes to the above. It will, in fact, facilitate the spread of the break-out due to the infectious nature of the bacteria. A series of light and medium depth peels with alpha hydroxy acids such as our TC Plus peel from KSurgery is the best solution at this point. The main purpose for using AHAs is to dissolve the “glue” in between the accumulated dead skin cells on the stratum corneum, therefore making it easier to target and neutralise the acne bacteria in the sebaceous gland (oil gland). Another option is our KSurgery Mandelic peel, which is brilliant for bringing down inflammation quickly whilst deeply exfoliating, making it easier to cope with the discomfort. Our third option is the Piruvic Peel, which will regulate oil, as well as target impurities.

The last two types are the most severe forms of acne, referred to as cystic and nodular acne. On the surface, cystic acne can look like large, red boils. Cysts, like nodules, reside deep underneath the surface of the skin, and since they are filled with puss, cysts are softer than nodules. The inflammation that comes with these types of acne can be unbearable at times. This is because of the infection that “spills” into the surrounding areas of the skin. Most cases are often treated with medication as the main and first option, and that is because this can be an extremely painful experience that often calls for the easiest and quickest way out.

An alternative would be to treat the cystic acne in its infancy. Just as it begins to manifest, a combination of chemical peels and micro needling (pixel peel) using Dermica’s AcneZon meso solution will reduce infection, as well as the inflammation present. Optimum results require a strict treatment plan until the skin has cleared. Any post acne scars left behind will be treated thereafter.

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