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Regensys Collagen

A Type 1 hydrolysed collagen powder sourced from France.

Regensys Collagen is kosher approved.

Available in Natural flavour as well as Apple, Mango and Strawberry flavours.

Features and Benefits:

Type 1 hydrolysed collagen stimulates the production of Type 2 collagen, thereby supplementing the natural loss of collagen as we age. Collagen is a major component of the skin. It plays a vital role in strengthening the skin and benefits elasticity and hydration. Taking a daily supplement of collagen helps to reduce skin wrinkles and dryness. Other benefits include reduced joint pain and improved bone and ligament density.

Key Ingredients:

Pure hydrolysed bovine collagen

Regensys Glutathione

500mg Capsules containing L-Glutathione which can be taken as a daily supplement to boost the detoxifying and antioxidant properties of the body’s cells.


Features and Benefits:

Glutathione is a powerful tripeptide which acts as a master antioxidant and detoxifier in the body. Glutathione is naturally present in every cell and is one of the primary defence molecules in the body. Each capsule contains 500mg of Glutathione.


Key Ingredients:


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