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Combatting Adult Acne with Care

An advanced, safe home treatment range designed to regulate the unsightly problems caused by hyperseborrhea, improving the appearance of blemishes and renewing the texture of the skin.

Acne products are commonly created to meet the needs of oily adolescent skin, typically leaving the skin feeling dry and taut as a result of addressing the oiliness that normally affects this type of skin.

Alcohol Free Exfoliation

Alcohol can dry the skin, altering the hydrolipid film and leading to an excessively aggressive action on sensitive skin with a tendency to be atopic and with low tolerance.

No alcohol is present in the Smooth range thanks to the use of encapsulated Salicylic acid that is totally solutble in this form, making it ideal for sensitive skin types or sensitised skin with acne.


Active ingredients to rebalance excess sebum production.


Specific active ingredients to address infections.



Anti-inflammatory and soothing active ingredients to combat inflammation


Regenerative substances to help repair damage to the skin and moisturise deeply.


A cleansing mousse with a purifying action, recommended for acne-prone skin with impurities and excess sebum. This light textured mousse provides deep cleansing with a rebalancing action on the skin which specifically targets adult acne as opposed to adolescent acne. The rebalancing active ingredients: Rosemary and Niacinamide soothe inflammation, repair the skin’s barrier, and boosts re-epithelisation.


ROSEMARY WATER: has healing properties, it’ s also an excellent vasodailator 

NIACINAMIDE: a derivative of vitamin b3 with anti-oxidant properties. Niacinamide regulates the production of sebum.

CALENDULA: soothing, anti-redness properties and capability to boost regeneration of the epidermis and dermis.

AZELOGLYCINE:  a derivative of azelaic acid; it can be used as a sebum-normalizing agent, a moisturiser and as a means to leave the skin looking bright and radiant. Used together with niacinamide it has an excellent lightening and depigmenting action.

SALICYLIC ACID: thanks to its keratolytic action, salicylic acid can detach the cells from the outermost layer of the skin, known as the “stratum corneum”. its purifying, antibacterial action means it is particularly recommended for the treatment of blackheads. 

EQUISETUM EXTRACT: rich in inulin, tannins and vitamins, it’ s used in cosmetics to treat oily, acne-prone skin thanks to its purifying, soothing action

Price:   R849-00


A rapid absorption gel formulated for impure skins with excess sebum, comedones and dilated pores, and specifically adult acne. The active ingredients combined with Salicylic acid and specific plant extracts such as sage, help to significantly reduce the amount of sebum produced, aid the acceleration of the healing process, and combats inflammatory processes that cause acne.


EXTRACT OF PSEUDOALTEROMONAS:  biotech ingredient that reduces sebum and imperfections such as dilated pores. It also helps to promote the reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation, which are problems associated with excess sebum production. 

 ZINC GLUCONATE: astringent and antiseptic properties. Often used in acne treatment products, it speeds up the healing of injuries and helps the body to transform the essential fatty acids that the skin uses in healing. 

SAGE GLYCOLIC EXTRACT: With its excellent antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory activity, it is recommended above all in the treatment of impure, acne-prone skin.

VITAMIN B3: has anti-oxidant properties as well as protect skin against free radicals. 




Price:   R734-00


SOS Spot Stop is a purifying concentrated serum which is used as a shock treatment for particularly impure skin that is going through a period of high stress and imbalance. The product contains a high concentration of keratolytic and astringent active ingredients. This is a high-performance serum to shock treat acne skin.


MICROENCAPSULTED SALICYLIC ACID: a special form of salicylic acid, totally soluble in water, thanks to a capsule created from a compound of olìgomers

AZELOGLYCINE:  A derivative of azelaic acid; it can be used as a sebum-normalizing agent, a moisturiser and as a means to leave the skin looking bright and radiant. Used together with niacinamide it has an excellent lightening and depigmenting action.  

HYALURONIC ACID WITH HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT: creates an invisible film to hydrate and protect skin for longer.

NIACINAMIDE: a derivative of vitamin b3 with anti-oxidant properties and an action to protect skin against free radicals. Its regular use will reduce pore size

Price:   R704-00


A home-use cocktail peel developed to treat acne-prone, impure skin. This innovative product consists of a bi-phase solution; an acid phase and a nourishing oil phase. The acid phase consists of a mix of Azelaic, Salicylic and Succinic acids which guarantees deep exfoliation aimed at eliminating thickening keratin and blocked follicles, combined with antibacterial action to help prevent formation of blackheads. The nourishing mix of oils in the oil phase brings much needed hydration and rebalancing to the skin.


ORYZA SATIVA BRAN OIL: a very light oil with calming and soothing actions. (Natural UVA and UVB filters); leaves skin radiant and hydrated; a strong anti-oxidant to soothe irritated, sensitive skin.

 VITIS VINIFERA SEED OIL (grape seeds): Anti-oxidant function. Regenerating; anti-inflammatory, ideal for treating acne, oily and combination skin. It rebalances keratinisation and promotes the skin’s absorption capabilities.

SUCCINIC ACID: anti-inflammatory and contains many anti-oxidants.  Studies have shown the effectiveness of succinic acid against a specific bacterium considered one of the major causes of acne


AZELAIC ACID: This acid has recognised antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiradical action The anti-acne action of azelaic acid in fact comes from its bactericidal action against the micro organisms that infest the surface layers of the skin, causing the lesions that are characteristic of acne. Its effectiveness has been proven in the reduction of bacterial growth, the cause of acne in the follicles (propionobacterium acnes, staphylococcus epidermidis) and resulting inhibition of the formation of spots and blackheads. Azelaic acid has an effective depigmenting action, which makes it useful in combating the skin marks caused by acne.

STABILISED DERIVATIVE OF AZELAIC ACID  an active ingredient that aims to improve of skin that is acne prone and subject to lesions. This ingredient effectively reduces inflammatory acne, preventing the growth of bacteria and reducing DHT

ARGAN OIL:  Nourishing, regenerating, and antiaging properties.

TEA TREE OIL: Antiseptic and antibacterial for lesions from acne. 

BISABOLOL:  Soothing, anti-redness properties that eliminate skin infections.

Price:   R1144-00

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