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The Science of Eternity

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 A revolutionary treatment for mature skin, combining the regenerating and antioxidant power of oak meristem stem cells with four different molecular forms of hyaluronic acid for perfect hydration and a fantastic lifting effect.

The presence of the cellular senescence-marker tripeptide offers a powerful anti-wrinkle as well as repairing, smoothing, brightening and plumping action. Suitable for all skin types, Dionis RcO products are cruelty and paraben free. 


Meristem is a botanical extract from the roots of oak trees.

From nature…The secret of stemcells


Improve the cross-linking of collagen fibres, strengthening their chemical and mechanical stability as well as their repair.


Soothe irritation with anti-irritant, soothing, and astringent properties.



Elevates the pain threshold, reducing inflammation and skin irritation, providing relief and comfort.


Peptides play a vital role in strenghtening the skin, promoting elasticity, improved skin tone and enhanced hydration. They stimulate collagen and elastin production, helping improve the visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

The Dionis RcO ranges includes four unique peptides aimed at reducing skin imperfections such as fine wrinkles.

The boosted formula of dionis Rco


Rich in ingredients with moisturising and lifting properties. Powered by a senescence-marker tripeptide that reduces the signs of ageing by reinvigorating cell tone and functionality.

Skin appears more radiant and luminous, intensely moisturised, rejuvenated and regenerated, fine wrinkles are visibly smoothed.

Main ingredients:

 Oak Meristems

Tripeptide marker for seneschent cells

Mix of Hyaluronic Acid

 Extract of rosa canina

Price:   R1725-00


This advanced blend of active ingredients specifically targets expression lines delivering a smoothing effect in the delicate eye and lip contour areas. It works to decongest the eyes, fostering a youthful, vibrant appearance whilst at the same time replenishing the epidermis. From the very first use, your skin will not only look younger and more supple, but also radiate a captivating glow.

Main ingredients:

 Oak Meristems

 Decontracting hexapeptide

Kigelia africana extract

• Birch extract

Mix of 4 molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids


Price:   R1583-00


A sumptuous cream with a light but nourishing touch, formulated from a pool of active ingredients that act on imperfections associated with ageing. Rich in peptides, a blend of hyaluronic acid and oak meristems, it promotes cross-linking of collagen fibres, strengthens the tissue, visibly reduces wrinkles and deeply regenerates the skin. This daily use cream is specifically targeted for mature skin (45+).

Main ingredients:

 Oak Meristems

 Palmitoyl hexapeptide-12

• Aloe vera and hydrolysed soy protein gel

• Palmitoyl tripeptide -38

Mix of 4 molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids

Price:   R2273-00


A luxurious rich cream, meticulously formulated with a wealth of active ingredients offering multi-faceted anti-aging benefits. It’s the ideal choice for skins that are severely damaged or depleted. This cream contains oak meristem cells, 4 different types of hyaluronic acid molecules, a mix of 22 oils and is further enriched with the potent sea aster plant extract. The cream is designed to fortify and repair the hydrolipidic barrier and regulate the microcirculation of mature skin thereby providing an enhanced layer of protection and rejuvenation. This daily use cream is specifically targeted for mature skin (45+) but can also be used for skin in need of intensive care and repair.

Main ingredients:

 Oak Meristems

• Sea Aster

• Blend of unsaponifiables from olives, soya and wheatgerm, pollen extract

• Palmitoyl tripeptide -38

• Palmitoyl hexapeptide-12

• Blend of ceramides and plant phospholipids

Mix of 4 molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids

Mix of 22 oils

Price:   R2273-00


Revolutionise your skincare routine with this innovative hydrogel face mask. Designed with a unique two-point anchorage system, this mask targets the V-line (area on lower cheeks, around the lips, chin and upper neck). The mask assists to gracefully enhance and sculpt your facial contours in the critical V-line providing an immediate lifting effect. The potent blend of hyaluronic acid, collagen, caffeine,and vitamin B3 reinforces tissue elasticity and improves muscle tone.

Main ingredients:


Vitamin B3

High Molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid


Price:   R244-00

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