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Melanin is one of the many things that the human body houses that we have no way of controlling.

 This easily makes it everyone’s problem. If only we could bottle it up and put a dial button on it so we can reduce and increase its production as our body requires. It’s over production creeps up on you, and is referred to as Hyper-pigmentation. Resides on the deeper layers for months and years at times before it surfaces enough to be visible through the naked eye.

And now to elevate the drama, the darker the skin, the higher the risk of creating hyper-pigmentation, and that is a struggle for many. Whether hormonal or sun-induced, it is often a lot more challenging to treat dark skins when it comes to pigmentation. This is due to the fact that most effective peels cause inflammation by default due to their respective formulations. This then causes what is referred to as Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (PIH), which is part of the body’s natural response to anything that over-stimulates or causes any irritation to the skin.

The turn of events has the potential to become a vicious cycle that can take months, years and even decades in some cases. The tedious process can get frustrating for the Aesthetician or Doctor dealing with it as much as it is for the patient. Fact is, peels and micro needling, whether carried out together (Pixel Peel) or individually, are one of the most effective ways to get rid of dark spots, sun-spots, melasma, and chloasma to name a few.

The Whitelan Cure Peel from Dermica with Kojic acid, Glycolic acid, Phytic acid and Salicylic acid gives you the desired combination of active ingredients to deliver effective lightening results without causing further PIH through inflammation.

The ingredient list also includes a Tyrosinase Inhibitor (Morus Alba Root Extract) that works alongside the Kojic Acid to stop the process of creating new hyper-pigmentation at an enzymatic level.

The TC Plus Peel from KSurgery is also a breakthrough for the TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) family when it comes to peels. This is because dark skins were never able to explore TCA on their skins due to the enormous amounts of inflammation it causes, but not anymore.

The combination of TCA (12%), Mendalic acid, and Kojic acid gives effective peeling without over-stimulation providing the perfect balance. This means effective results without the usual frustration. The same applies for hormonal pigmentation on lighter skin.

These are best accompanied by good homecare that includes effective exfoliation (Biphasic Peel), an excellent moisturiser that gives the skin sufficient hydration whilst brightening and revitalising the skin (Spot Eraser cream). And to seal the results and protect the skin, an SPF is a non-negotiable. Due to the fact that the sun is the number one ageing factor and cause of hyperpigmentation. A sufficiently high SPF (50) should be part of any skin regimen, regardless. When we protect our skin daily, we fast track our journey to optimum skin health.

The above hyper-pigmentation solutions are proof that innovation translates to problem solving, and this is what the Medical Aesthetics space celebrates on a daily basis.

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