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Inspired by the principles of phytotherapy, NOVACELL addresses the needs of those seeking a full, intensive treatment for the body that combats and prevents the problems of cellulite and fluid retention.

Thanks to the action of active plant ingredients, it helps to mobilise localised fats and eliminate excess fluid with a detox action.

Enriched with a combination of several types of hyaluronic acid for smoother, softer, and more supple skin.

The heat generated throught the application of thermogenic technology  boosts circulation and increases blood flow to the affected area, improving the transport of nutrients and active ingredients for slimming purposes.

Formulated with specific active ingredients to stimulate the degradation of fatty deposits and boost micro circulation to aid in the elimination of fluids and toxins.

A hi-tech body line that uses the power of hyaluronic acid and specific active ingredients with the aim of slowing down the skin ageing process and recovering lost tone.

Unique, innovative treatments with specific actions to leave the skin looking more toned, plumped, and feeling lighter for longer.

Hyaluronic Pro Novacell


Conductor gel with drainage and anti-cellulite active ingredients.

The light texture makes it ideal for massage as well as to convey the ingredients through the skin. Escin and ivy in liposome form help to boost toxin disposal and stimulate blood microcirculation, notably improving swelling and the build up of fluids.

APPLICATION:  Massage the product into the specific areas or alternatively, apply with electroporation machine, on its own or with an added active vial.


Hyaluronic Acid with High Molecular weight
Ivy:  Has drainage properties as well as the capacity to stimulate microcirculation, ivy is one of the most popular natural remedies for soothing and preventing the occurrence of oedema under the skin, and to combat the problem of cellulite.
Escin: Has vasoprotective, antioedematous, and anti-inflammatory properties. It boosts microcirculation and cell turn-over, as well as having a strengthening, vasoprotective action on vascular connective tissue.


Concentrated active gel in vial format.

Localised action to combat the problem of cellulite and fluid build up. Active plant ingredients help to boost the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins, for a detoxifying action. Caffeine and carnitine dissolve fatty deposits, helping their elimination and combustion. Escin and equisetum reinforce the capillary walls, improving vessel connective tissue and boosting fluid drainage. Excellent for stage 1 (oedematous) or stage 3 (soft) cellulite.


Hyaluronic Acid with High Molecular weight, Thymosin B4, Caffeine, Carnitine, Artichoke, Equisetum, Escin

NOVACELL PRO New Skin Body Cream

Cream with dedicated action to apply the principles of phytotherapy and combat and prevent the problem of unsightly cellulite.

The creamy texture is suitable for massage, leaving the treated area with a sensation of velvet lightness to the touch.

Enriched by hyaluronic acid, it adds the right hydration value to keep skin supple.

APPLICATION: A perfect cream to massage on its own or after using NOVACELL DRAIN ACTIVE. Excellent as a finish after NOVACELL ACTIVE VIAL has penetrated through gentle smoothing actions.


Hyaluronic Acid, Extract of Centella, Caffeine, Sundew, Guarana, Vitamin E


Cosmetic treatment to combat unsightly effects of fluid retention and the cellulite process.

The skin becomes extremely smooth and silky to the touch and the  figure looks sculpted, thanks to the reactivation of the microcirculation.

As well as the active ingredients in the formulation, the draining action of NOVACELL COLD BODY WRAPS is guaranteed  by Menthol. The main properties include:

  • Immediate cooling effect | due to the activation of receptors that react to the skin’s temperature.
  • Decongestant and anti-itch properties.


Hyaluronic Acid with High Molecular Weight, Marine Collagen, Allantoin


Professional cosmetic treatment particularly recommended to combat fibrous cellulite and reactivate microcirculation.

Leaves the skin with a pleasantly warm feeling due to the reactivation of the tissue


DRY LONG PEPPER EXTRACT  (with 90% piperine): a powerful cosmetic active ingredient containing piperine, obtained solely from the wild fruits of the Piper longum. Long pepper, like black pepper, is rich in piperine, a powerful active ingredient, known mostly for its lypolitic action. In Ayurvedic medicine it is often used to stimulate the permeation of other active ingredients.
THEOPHYLLINE: Theophylline (also known as dimethylxanthine) is a chemical compound from the xanthine family and it has a great structural and pharmacological similarity with caffeine and theobromine. Its lipolytic action mechanism is similar to that of caffeine and consists of stimulating adipocyte lipase and freeing energy as a result, which means theophylline stimulates lipolysis.
RED GRAPE VINE: Red grape vine leaf extract is effective in reducing the formation of oedema and venous porosity and therefore, fluid retention, an important factor triggering cellulite. The protective action of red grape vine occurs through the action that the proanthocyanidins it contains have on stabilising the capillaries, preventing the permeability of these ultra-fine blood vessels from increasing. Proanthocyanidins stabilise collagen fibres and elastin, strengthening the matrix of the connective tissue.

Hyaluronic Pro Lipotech

LIPOTECH PRO Active Lipoburn

Conductor gel with fat-burning action and heat effect.

The special plant-based active ingredients, encapsulated in liposomes, have a lipolytic, vascular-protective action, thanks to the presence of carnitine, plus extract of drosera to help modulate the metabolism of adipocytes.

Suitable to treat unsightly problems of localised fat deposits.

APPLICATION:  Apply the product to specific areas – alone or with added active vial – using massage, or alternatively, use an electroporation machine.


Hyaluronic Acid with High Molecular weight
Carnitine: Carnitine is used in cosmetic products due to its Firming and slimming action. Due to its vaso-protective and anti-oedematous properties, together with its lipolytic action,  it is the ingredient of choice when preparing products to combat cellulite. Encapsulated in liposomes 
ADIPO TRAP: Adipo Trap is a functional active ingredient made using Drosera Ramantacea . The phytocomplex extracted from this plant is able to modulate the metabolism of adipocytes, working as an active ingredient with a slimming, sculpting, and anti cellulite action. Adipo trap is made using bioliquefaction, one of the latest techniques for obtaining active ingredients with minimum impact on the environment. Encapsulated in liposomes.


100% natural mineral powder, ideal for the treatment of localised fat deposits.

Ultra-rich in trace minerals, such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and silicon, the clay takes its characteristic colour from the amount of ferrous oxide it contains, which encourage the renewal of the epithelial cells.

Boosts the microcirculation of blood and lymph and in particular, helps to reabsorb oedema and fluid build up.

Excellent for mixing with water; can be used following the conveying action of the Lipotech Active vial.


Vial for localised application and dedicated treatments aimed at combatting the unsightly problem of fat deposits.

Thanks to the synergistic action of lipolytic and reducing active ingredients, this vial helps to mobilise the fat in adipose tissue making it more easily available as “fuel” to create energy.

It helps to combat adipogenesis, suppress lipogenesis, and stimulate lipolysis, as well as combating the yo-yo effect.

APLICATION: Pour the full contents of the ampoule into a bowl and add one of the active gels to boost the effect, or a water-based gel. Spread the product using electroporation.


Hyaluronic Acid, Palmaria Palmata Extract, Caffeine.

LIPOTECH PRO Active Fibrostrong 

The texture makes it suitable for massage during localised treatments, or as a penetration gel to add to active vials.

Thanks to the presence of butcher’s broom, caffeine, and iodine, encapsulated in liposomes, it boosts the reduction and elimination of unsightly problems linked to localised fat.

An excellent aid in the dedicated treatment of fibrous cellulite and oedema.

APPLICATION: Apply the product to specific areas – alone or with added active vial – using massage, or alternatively, use an electroporation machine.


Hyaluronic Acid with High Molecular Weight, Organic Iodine, Bitter Orange, Butcher’s Broom, Caffeine


Hot wrap to help dispose of adipose tissue.

Green coffee stimulates the metabolism and circulation, improving the skin’s elasticity and helping to eliminate toxins; it works in synergy with centella asiatica and pineapple to boost microcirculation, thanks above all to the presence of bromeline, a proteolytic enzyme that reduces the formation of localised oedema.


Hyaluronic Acid with high molecular weight, Green Coffee, Pineapple, Centella Asiatica

Hyaluronic Pro ToneUp

TONEUP PRO Active Firming

Active gel with firming action.

Inhibits the enzymes that degrade Collagen and hyaluronic acid. Transforms loss of adipose tissue into tone, visibly reducing unsightly skin problems that is normally found on skin after weight loss, improving the drainage of excess fluid.

APPLICATION: Use as a conductor gel to combine with active body vials, using a transdermic machine, or massage by hand to firm the areas being treated, until fully absorbed.


Hyaluronic Acid with High Molecular weight
Ximenynic Acid and Glaucine:  Contains niosomes with Ximenynic acid and Glaucine, recommended to restore tone and compactness to flabby skin. This product has an important reinforcement and elasticizing effect, and this makes it able to combat and prevent the action of time on the skin’s microstructures.
Oligopeptides:  A small chain of amino acids created in the laboratory and specifically used to restore ageing skin by stimulating the production of elastin, which is the protein responsible for the skin’s elasticity.

TONEUP PRO Active Vial

Intensive, effective treatment to restore tone and firmness to the skin. It relaxes, firms and lifts the skin tissue, reducing sagging.

TONEUP PRO Firming Body Cream

A highly nourishing and toning treatment that combats sagging skin, keeping the skin supple and toned. Excellent for prolonged massages.

TONEUP PRO Cool Toning Gel

Relieves the legs with an immediate sensation of lightness and freshness. Thanks to the quality of the extracts present, it restores energy and vitality.


Body wrap formulated to treat sagging skin. After treatment, the skin will look firmer and more toned. Finally, it gives a pleasant sensation of freshness.

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