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K-Surgery understands that every skin is different and therefore needs its own unique treatment

SUIT FACE provides a standard serum and 16 boosters that can be used to customise a serum to your or your patient’s unique skin care needs. Identify the skin problem and create a client specific treatment protocol and maintenance program using SUIT SERUM complimented by selected boosters.
SUIT SERUM is a multifunction serum specifically created to be activated by the pure powder active ingredients within the boosters. Up to 3 boosters can be used within one serum giving you the power to treat multiple skin issues.
The SUIT BOOSTERS come in 5 unique skin actions, each action with its own range of actives:

Antiage boosters specifically target age related concerns. As there are a range of age-related effects on the skin, the Antiaging actions have the following 5 boosters to treat them:

DNA Pro – stimulates cellular energy, accelerates collagen synthesis and repairs DNA damage caused by UV rays.

Rehyal – maintains skin hydration levels by providing a deep moisturising action. Improves the effect on dry skin caused by environmental agents and ageing.

Senspeel – Contains gluconolattone, it leads to a significant wrinkles reduction and increases skin firmness. Chronoless – improves the effects on the skin caused by menopause, it diminishes wrinkles, gives elasticity, tone and brightness.

Chronoless – improves the effects on the skin caused by menopause, it diminishes wrinkles, gives elasticity, tone and brightness.

Soothing boosters are designed for sensitive / inflamed skin wth 3 specific boosters to esnure an optimised treatment option 

Specialoe contains Aloe Barbadense to soothe, hydrate and nourish the epidermis.

Hydrascreen – creates a barrier on the skin surface to limit external aggressions that cause some skins to become inflamed. Also recommended for clients whose barrier function / NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) is compromised.

Greatskin contains only natural ingredients to hydrate, protect and nourish, giving a supportive barrier to sensitive skin.

Anti-oxidant action has 2 key boosters to protect the skin from oxidation stress

Polyoxy – contain resveratrol which is a potent free radical absorber.

Total C – provides the skin with a stable and active form of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for collagen remodelling, protecting the skin from external toxins and is a potent anti-inflammatory when it comes to treating pigmentation.

Purifying action contains 3 key boosters to assist with both problematic skin and environmental toxins

Salicylic – an acid that will decongest and remove oil and dead skin. This is great for acne prone / problematic skin

Pimpout antiseptic, exfoliation and hydrating properties. This is great for acne skins as 99% of acne skins are dehydrated, slow in cell turnover and have the presence of bacteria.

Balanskindesigned to balance oil secretion. This booster is perfectly suited for oily skin types that benefit from a more matte appearance.

Depigmenting action contains 4 boosters each influencing the pigment cycle (melanogenesis)

Blend B3 contain niacinamide – a B Vitamin that assists in preventing the formation of pigment.

Retinix contains retinyl palmitate. A stable and non-irritating form of vitamin A. It assists in lifting and preventing pigment formation on the skin.

Aminospot contains a chelated iron complex which acts as a pigment inhibitor.

Iperblock is a potent form of Arbutin – one of the most effective and gentle ingredients when it comes to pigmentation.

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