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Welcome to K-Surgery aesthetic dermatology. K-Surgery offers medical grade peels and a unique homecare approach. The range of peels for use by physicians is designed to treat all skin types and conditions with little to no down time.

The K-Peels pure acid range consists of 5 pure acids – each sold separately to the professional to ensure that customised peels can be made for each patient’s individual needs. Glicolic, lactic, mandelic, piruvic and salicylic acids are available to assist in the treatment of
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Ageing
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Rejuvenation
Piruvic Acid is an amazing ingredient to use on its own or combined with other K-Peel Acids. It treats inflammatory acne, moderate acne scars, greasy skin, actinic keratosis, and warts. Patients who have been treated with 50% Pyruvic Acid, reported very limited or no discomfort in the post peel period. Thus, 50% pyruvic acid peeling can be proposed as a safe and efficient treatment for moderate facial skin ageing.
Mandelic Acid is derived from bitter almonds. It’s a large molecule and therefore requires a slightly longer application time to ensure proper penetration. Its action is mostly on pigmentation and gentle resurfacing of the epidermis. It’s extremely effective in treating melasma and has shown to lighten pigment marks by as much as 50% within four weeks. This ingredient is found in K-Peels Mandelic Acid, De-Spot Cocktail peel and De-Spot Bi-phase solution, giving the physician the confidence of achieving results.

Lactic Acid is one of the oldest beauty ingredients. Derived from milk, it gently exfoliates whilst nourishing the skin. This is a great acid to use on its own on sensitive, very mature thin skins, and Rosacea. Used in combination with other K-Peel Acids it will yield amazing results as it will lower the likelihood of dryness post peel.

Cocktail Peels

K-Peels also offers a range of Cocktail Peels for doctors and therapists to apply to clients for specific results. These peels are paired with a corresponding homecare product for patients to use to both prepare their skins as well as enhance the results of their professional peel.

The Age Controller cocktail peel is formulated to address age related effects but also corrects the damage caused by ageing. With 30% glycolic acid and 30% gluconolactone, the skin is gently exfoliated through chemical exfoliation. This allows for little to no inflammation and is gentle enough to show results without any down time. Glycolic acid will stimulate fibroblast activity as well as remove the protein bonds that holds dead skin cells to the surface layer. Gluconolactone works in a similar manner, but is a very gentle acid which will gently assist in chemical exfoliation whilst protecting the cells from damage.

The Age Controller Bi-phase solution will be prescribed to clients who are concerned with ageing. It has the same ingredients as the Age Control Cocktail at a lower concentration which makes it safe to use 3 to 7 times per week. The solution also contains DMAE which is key to treating aged or ageing skin. DMAE brings about an increase in Filaggrin’s production which assists in key biological processes in the skin.

De-spot is targeted at treating pigmentation. With the use of K-Peel acids, de-Spot cocktail and the de-Spot Bi-phase solution, there is a complete and holistic treatment to brighten, rejuvenate and assist in the removal of pigmentation.

The de-spot Bi-phase solution can be applied for 2 weeks prior to treatment. This allows the skin to become accustomed to active acids, it prepares the epidermis for better peel penetration as well as providing the skin with key ingredients to inhibit pigment production. Used at night, the solution works on exfoliation whilst simultaneously nourishing and protecting the surface layers of your skin. The beauty is that these products are working away whilst you are getting your beauty sleep.

Soften Purifyer Cocktail peel is unique as it contains 30% Succinic acid together with 30% Azelaic Acid. These ingredients control inflammation which is key to treating acne. The peel can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly protocol depending on the grade and severity of the Acne. Due to the formulation, this cocktail peel is also recommended for sensitive, rosacea type skins.

Soften Purifyer Bi-Phase solution regulates the keratinisation on the skin, it also controls inflammation within the skin whilst supplying a range of anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal ingredients. This combination allows for the natural healing of the skin yielding great results within one week of use.

The AntiOxy Plus Cocktail peel provides physicians with a unique formulation of antioxidants. With 30% Ferulic, 30% Lactic and 30% Lactobionic acid, this peel is amazing for all skins. It provides the physician with a formulation that can be incorporated into any treatment plan. These antioxidants work on sun damage, oxidative stress (smokers / highly active people) as well as brightening of the skin.

AntiOxy Plus Bi-phase solution can be used on any skin to bring about brightness, reduce acne and blemishes, assist in treating pigmentation as well as preventing aging. For youthful clients wishing to maintain a healthy appearance, this product will be your best night care product.

K-Surgery’s line of pure acid peels together with cocktail peels and the bi-phase solutions for home use means that treatments and protocols can be tailored to your client’s needs. We suggest patients use the bi-phase solution 2 weeks prior to any treatment as well as in between treatments to facilitate the results of professional treatments.

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