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The purpose behind the formulation of Modified Jessner, was to create a medium depth peel with less inflammation production. It was discovered that using multiple ingredients at various strengths limits the inflammatory response – making it safer than ‘normal’ medium depth peels like TCA. The thought process behind the formulation was to create a safer peel for darker skins as TCA was not, and isn’t always the safest option for dark skins.

K-Surgery has created a unique Modified Jessner with skin safety top of mind.

With the unique formulation of Succinic Acid, Monoacetate Resorcinol and Lactic Acid, the peel is designed to target texture, pigment / uneven skin colour, age related conditions like dehydration and keratin build up.

Resorcinol is a potent anti-inflammatory with tyrosinase inhibiting abilities, ensuring safer peel penetration and a managed skin response. It has a wide variety of benefits in treating most skin conditions – acne, scarring, pigmentation and aging. With an alkaline pH, resorcinol penetrates rapidly without triggering any negative skin responses.
Lactic acid has long been known as a key to anti-aging. There are many reasons Lactic acid is used in peels. It has a gentle keratolytic effect on the stratum corneum, it evens out the skin tone as it assists in regulating the keratinization cycle – in turn also having an affect on age related metabolic slumps.
Succinic acid is known to be a potent anti-inflammatory that targets any pro-inflammatory cytokine activity. If you have never used chemical peels before, such a concentration is perfect to start with. The product prevents dull and lifeless skin, helps to reduce wrinkles and signs of photo-ageing, combats acne and prevents acne scars and normalises sebum secretion. It can be suitable for people who are hypersensitive or allergic to other chemical peels.
The usual formulation of a Jessner is Resorcinol, salicylic acid, and Lactic acid – all above 15% concentration. By substituting salicylic acid with succinic acid, we have a gentler peel result and response. It also allows for a higher percentage of active ingredients as salicylic is limited at 14% before becoming a skin irritant. Inflammation creates many damaging skin responses – all resulting in aging. A term such as ‘inflamAGING’ explains it all.
K-Peels Modified Jessner is done every 2 weeks over 8 weeks (4 peels @ 2-week intervals) mild peeling occurs which makes this peel great for clients that cannot afford down time – yet want a result orientated peel. This superficial chemical skin peeling with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. The peel is perfect for sensitive and ageing skin, but can also be used for all skin types. Designed for gentle exfoliation and regulating skin functions related to ageing and dehydrated skin.
With sensitive clients in mind, this peel is designed to calm and regulate whilst correcting the cell cycle. Treating conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis becomes easy and reliable with this peel. Managing client’s treatment protocol can be adapted according to skin result and toleration levels.
A box of Modified Jessner contains 5 x 5ml vials. 5ml is sufficient to treat face, neck & decollete and retails for R1000.00 (face, neck, decollete) per treatment.

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