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The complete range of cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers, formulated for every aesthetic need.

HA Concentration

FillZon®’s single-phase crosslinked formula and its different HA concentrations (20-26 mg/ml) have been specially designed for facial and body rejuvenation, restoration of lost volumes and improved contours.

The crosslinking process to which FillZon® gels have been subjected makes hyaluronic acid more stable and retain its properties for longer, increasing its permanence in the tissue.

FillZon® acts as a single unit, forming a physical and chemical barrier against enzymatic degradation and free radicals.

  • High-concentrate monophase hyaluronic acid
  • Optimal tissue integration
  • Highly sophisticated purification process, reticulated with bdde
  • Three-dimensional molecular structure that offers greater durability
  • Three-dimensional mesh that allows for a more homogeneous gel
  • Its molecular design facilitates easy extrusion, smooth and regular injection
  • Clinical studies guarantee its high efficacy and safety


FillZon® LIPS  is indicated for the correction of medium-surface wrinkles on the face.
It fills in wrinkles on the forehead, glabellar lines, slightly marked nasolabial grooves, cheeks and superficial labial commissures; it makes it possible to reshape the nose, profile lip contours and increase their volume.

FILLZON® MEDIUM is a denser version of the line indicated for the correction of deeper facial lines and wrinkles. 

It allows to effectively fill in “marionette lines”, marked nasolabial grooves, volumize lips, sculpt cheekbones and remodel the oval of the face. 

FILLZON® DEEP is the formulation with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in the FillZon® line (26 mg/ml) and the greatest elasto-plastic properties. 

It is indicated to restore volumes and redefine the oval of the face, remodel the chin and the jaw area. 

FillZon® BBXL is the dermal filler with a hyaluronic acid formulation specifically hydrated to remodel and volumize different areas of the body. 

FillZon® BBXL has been designed to reshape the body naturally and safely, in certain cases avoiding surgical intervention. Using general anaesthesia and on an outpatient basis it is possible to modify the body appearance through a short outpatient procedure without a recovery period. 

Indicated for remodelling and volumization of buttocks, calves and, in general, any area of the body requiring tissue volume increase. 

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